Tuesday 28 April 2015

We're not all Rob Roys

Since the only story in the general election is the performance of the Scottish National Party, I thought I'd have a look through my archive of political quotes to see what's been said on the subject of Scotland from outside:

'One only has to go to Scotland for a moment to understand the Scottishness of Scotland.' - John Major (1992)

'Scotland needs the Labour Party as much as Sicily needs the mafia.' - Malcolm Rifkind (1992)

'I love Scotland. It's a loony sort of place.' - Screaming Lord Sutch (1998)

'A wee, pretendy parliament.' - Billy Connolly (2000)

'I would rather have played rugby for Scotland than be prime minister.' - Iain Duncan Smith (2002)

'Ghastly.' - Camilla Parker-Bowles on the Scottish Parliament building (2004)

'We need Crossrail to keep London's economy ticking over, so that we can continue to pay for the Scottish to live the lifestyle to which they are accustomed.' - Ken Livingstone (2006)

And here's a pot speaking about the kettle that is Alex Salmond:

'A man who fell in love with himself at an early age and has been faithful ever since.' - Alastair Campbell (2008)

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