Thursday 6 August 2015

Glam - Space Waltz

Glam rock was focused almost entirely in London and New York. The musicians may have originated elsewhere, but to be successful they pretty much had to migrate to the two big cities. Spare a thought then for the aspiring glamster in New Zealand, stranded about as far away as they could be from Glam Central.

Space Waltz were fronted by Alastair Riddell, a singer and songwriter who displayed more than a touch of Bowie in his swooning sci-fi lullabies. Potentially they were very good indeed, though no one noticed much at the time: it took thirty years for their solitary album to be released beyond their homeland.

This is their debut TV appearance, on New Zealand's New Faces show in 1974. I know they look a bit like a fictional rock group created by the director of a Play For Today, but stick with it and there's a killer chorus in there.

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