Monday, 13 April 2015

A Voice from History: William Hague

In memory of the political career of William Hague, who has now left the Commons at the ripe old age of 54, here are some of my favourite quotes from his ill-starred stint as leader of the Conservative Party:

1) 'Never again will we allow the good name of our party to be blackened by the greed and selfishness of a few.' (1997)

2) 'We must never be the nostalgia party.' (1999)

3) 'Anyone who thinks I used to spend my holidays reading political tracts should have come with me for a week. There were barrels of wholesale John Smith's bitter and we used to have a pint at every stop.' (2000)

4) 'Talk about Europe and they call you extreme. Talk about tax and they call you greedy. Talk about crime and they call you reactionary. Talk about asylum and they call you racist. Talk about your nation and they call you Little Englanders.' (2001)

5) 'Nothing has ever gone wrong in my life.' (2001)

And now some quotes about William Hague from his friends and admirers:

1) 'Shifty little bureaucrat.' - Alan Clark (1997)

2) 'A foetus. I bet there's a lot of Tory MPs that wish they hadn't voted against abortion now.' - Tony Banks (1997)

3) 'The only person to have one of those "Where are they now?" features written about him whilst leader of the Conservative Party.' - Peter Baynham (1998)

4) 'Under William the sad truth is that the Tories have become less compassionate, more intolerant and frankly just plain nasty.' - Ivan Massow (2000)

5) 'The only leader in history whose opinions are delivered to him by the paper boy.' - Tony Blair (2001)

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