Friday, 7 August 2015

Glam - The Glitter Band

The Glitter Band were a much better group than is generally credited. And they evolved rather splendidly. The first album, Hey! (1974) was the stomping one, with 'Angel Face' on it, while the second, Rock 'n' Roll Dudes (1975) was the power-pop one, with 'Goodbye My Love'. And the third, Listen to the Band (1975) was the confused masterpiece, a wonderfully diverse collection of styles from the Spector-esque ballad 'Alone Again' to the funk of 'Makes You Blind'. It also has the magnificent 'The Tears I Cried'.

Best of all, Listen to the Band opened with this song, 'Where Have You Been?', on which they try their luck with a five-and-a-half-minute multi-movement sci-fi space opera. It's far and away the most adventurous thing they tried and it's great fun. Really, it's very good. And the Glitter Band were a fantastic group.

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