Sunday, 2 August 2015

NDW - Populare Mechanik

I know nothing about Populare Mechanik at all. I bought this 1981 single and, as far as I can tell, it was their only vinyl release. There were two cassette albums, and apparently this year Holger Hiller curated a compilation album, comprising tracks from those releases. And that's it.

So not a wildly successful band, then. But they were fantastic: mostly instrumental, with elements of dub, funk and free jazz. Happily, there's not much jazz on this track 'Schnarfer Schnitt (No. 1)'.

And that concludes my journey this week through the Neue Deutsche Welle. To recap, we had: Fehlfarben, GrauzoneP1/EPalais Schaumburgder Plan and the Wirtschaftswunder.

I still think it was a fascinating, creative movement. And I still love it. I think I'll return to it in the near future.

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